Hyper GT global models are available starting from 27,859 USD

On June 6th, the global model of Hyper GT was officially launched, with a total of three equipped models with a price range of 27859-35511 USD yuan. As an additional model, the Hyper GT global model is based on 800V high-voltage silicon carbide platform, with zero acceleration of 4.9s. CLTC pure electric range of 710km can be supplemented by 450km for 15 minutes. At the same time, it is also equipped with three lidars, taking the lead in carrying the high-order intelligent driving system of "No Picture GSM".

While the new car is on the market, it also offers car purchase rights worth 7,515 USD. Between now and June 30, the first owner of the Hyper GT global model can enjoy the basic rights and interests of three lifetime electrical warranties and super-long vehicle warranties. The luxury premium set worth 1,64 USD will be upgraded free of charge. More than 20, worth of life-long free charging, as well as important rights and interests, including life-long free maintenance, life-long free delivery of piles to home, exclusive financial policy, and so on.

Bright spot in appearance | car body design

Two new colors are added | Wind resistance factor 0.1975Cd

In terms of appearance, the Hyper GT global model as a whole continues the cash model design, using the styling style of a four-door coupe and a low-lying posture to highlight a strong sense of movement. The front face enclosed grille brings low wind resistance, and the vehicle wind resistance coefficient is as low as 01975Cd, which is even lower than Tesla Model S and Mercedes-Benz EQS. At the same time, the ventilation trough design is retained on the left and right sides of the front of the new car, which can effectively cool the braking system and take into account the function in the design.

The side of the body is streamlined with a short front and rear suspension, and the large slippery back shape creates a visual effect of forward diving, with frameless doors, hidden door handles and blackened rims with low wind resistance, which has a strong sense of movement. The overall rear of the car is simple and full, and the slender taillight shape highlights the style of the GT sports car. The three-section wind hidden tail not only enhances the sense of movement, but also provides a strong lower pressure for the vehicle to improve driving stability.

In terms of body size, the Hyper GT global model has a length, width and height of 4886 1449mm 1885 (1917) / 1449mm and a wheelbase of 2920mm, which is a full circle larger than Tesla Model 3. At the same time, Hyper GT global model also provides 51L front cabin storage box and 450L rear box storage capacity, with good loading capacity.

In terms of exterior color matching, Hyper GT Global offers 8 kinds of car paints, including Polar White, liquid Titanium Silver, Champagne Powder, Free Grey, Night Shadow Black, Quantum Red, Hyper Orange and Budapest Powder, among which Quantum Red and Budapest Powder are new colors.

Interior highlight | Hyper Space intelligent cockpit

Minimalist style | AI large model endorsement

In terms of interior decoration, the Hyper GT global model also continues the current model design, adopting a minimalist style as a whole, eliminating all physical buttons, and most of the functions are integrated on the 14.6in 2.5K central control screen with a shifter shift. In addition, its polygonal wide scale ultra-thin 8.8-inch full liquid crystal instrument is very personalized, with a three-spoke elliptical steering wheel to create a strong fighting atmosphere.

In terms of materials, Hyper GT global style also has a lot of ideas, using a combination of real leather, suede and wood grain decoration board, with a good texture, in which the seat is made of full-grain head leather NAPPA, and Melbourne purebred calfskin is selected, which is no less luxurious than a million luxury cars.

At the same time, the new car also offers five interior themes: polar silver, midnight stardust, afternoon macchiato, orange brown and pulsed light energy, among which afternoon macchiato and orange brown are new themes to meet the personalized choices of young consumers.

In terms of intelligent cockpit, Hyper GT global model carries ADiGO 5.0intelligent OS system, built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155p chip, supports 5G network, dual-area voice wake-up recognition, app store, facial recognition, car WI-FI, mobile APP remote control, OTA upgrade and support CarPlya mobile phone interconnection and other functions. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a high EQ AI cockpit, which can realize free man-machine dialogue, have a more accurate semantic understanding model, and realize free communication of "humanoid".

Equipped with "no map GSM" high-level intelligent driving system.

Equipped with 3 lidars, including 34 sensors

In terms of intelligent driving, the Hyper GT global model is the first to be equipped with the "Piceless GSM" smart driving system, which can achieve smart driving without high-precision maps. It has the largest number of sensing hardware in the world and is equipped with 34 smart sensors, including 3 lidars, 6 millimeter wave radars, 13 cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars. At the same time, the flexible ability and self-learning ability are realized by using BEV+Transformer and OCC to occupy the network software algorithm. at present, the navigation auxiliary function of highway and urban sections has been landed.

It is worth mentioning that the intelligent function of the global model of Hyper GT takes into account both safety and high efficiency and fluency. When waiting for the red light, it can judge the hour and size up the situation and shrewdly choose the shortest queue; in the face of congestion, make use of all available space to choose the best time to overtake, instead of following the tortoise speed all the time; and when the navigation destination changes, you need to switch routes in an emergency, which can flexibly and decisively change the line continuously and react very quickly.

In addition, the Hyper GT global model will also open a precedent that the Chinese experience can be widely used all over the world, apply the international smart driving learning experience to China, and continue to grow from one generation to another in January. At the same time, from intercity to intercontinental, global road tests such as Hong Kong, Bangkok and Milan have been launched, which can connect seamlessly between different countries and different cities. It is expected that after realizing the national Kaesong this year, we will be the first to launch global smart driving.

The whole system is based on 800V high pressure silicon carbide platform.

Zero acceleration 4.9s + battery life 710km | 15-minute replenishment 450km

In terms of power, the Hyper GT global model is based on the third-generation pure electric exclusive platform AEP3.0, which is equipped with a single rear motor with a maximum power of 250kW, a peak torque of 430Nm, a wheel torque of 4800 Nm, an official 0-100km/h acceleration time of 4.9s and a 100km braking distance of 33.9m.

In terms of chassis, Hyper GT global model adopts front double forked arm type rear five-link independent suspension structure, and is equipped with ASTC active stabilization technology (Eagle claw system) and AICS intelligent chassis system, the former can achieve millisecond response and improve driving stability; the latter realizes roll gradient 2.7deg/g (the smaller the value, the better the handling and comfort). The general vehicle roll gradient is 3.5-5deg/g.

In terms of range, the new car is equipped with a magazine battery pack with a capacity of 80 kilowatt hours, a pure electric mileage of 710km under CLTC conditions, and a power consumption of only 12.7kWh/100km under comprehensive conditions, comparable to Tesla Model 3. Thanks to the global 800V high voltage silicon carbide platform, the Hyper GT global model has a maximum capacity of 191km in 5 minutes and 450km in 15 minutes.

More importantly, Hyper GT global charging does not pick piles, do not pick regions, do not pick occasions, whenever and wherever can give full play to the maximum potential of charging piles, giving play to the fastest overcharging speed of real 800V power. At the same time, it also has the widest temperature range in the world, Hyper's active charging precooling and preheating function, which can automatically identify and open the battery on the way to charging, so that the battery can quickly enter the "optimal temperature range" and fill up the charging power.

Up to now, Hyper has more than 1200 self-built super charging stations, and the number of self-built DC overcharge piles has reached 7084. According to the statistics of the authoritative organization (China charging Alliance), the number of DC overcharge piles ranks first in China. In 2023 alone, Hyper added 6361 new overcharge piles, making it a veritable "overcharge demon".

In terms of body safety, the Hyper GT global car body adopts a 16-horizontal and 18-longitudinal cage frame structure, and the A-pillar, door and other body structures have been continuously optimized for more than 50 times, the body strength has been increased by 15%, and the C-NCAP five-star safety certification has been obtained, in which occupant protection, side post collision and active safety scores are ranked first. At the same time, all the new cars are equipped with standard magazine batteries 2. 0, so that there is no fire and 800000 cars have zero spontaneous combustion.

In terms of active safety, Hyper GT global smart driving is equipped with eight safety redundancy systems, which are accidentally protected from damage accidents such as controller, intelligent driving perception, braking, steering, power supply, communication, parking and positioning, ensuring the vehicle safety when a single controller fails, bringing far more than eight times the safety of intelligent driving.

Competitive model

What are the advantages?

Tesla Model 3 official guide price: 31685-45895 USD yuan

Xiaomi SU7 official guidance price: 29499-40976 USD yuan

LUXEED S7 official guide price: 34131-47794 USD yuan

Judging from the current market situation, the Hyper GT global model will compete with Tesla's Model 3, Xiaomi SU7, NIO ET5 and LUXEED S7 models. Compared with Tesla Model 3 Hyper GT, it is cheaper, with larger body size, better riding space and comfort, richer configuration, more user-friendly interior layout, more luxurious materials, and better comfort experience.

Secondly, the Hyper GT global model is based on 800V high voltage architecture, and the entry provides 710km service life, 15-minute recharge 450km, and zero acceleration time of only 4.9s, turning radius of 5.3m, comprehensive parameters far exceed the same price Model 3 rear wheel drive version. In the aspect of smart driving that Tesla is proud of, the Hyper GT global model is equipped with "no map GSM" high-level intelligent driving system, which has achieved navigation assistance on high-speed and urban roads in China, while Model 3, which is blessed with FSD function, is not outstanding.

Compared with Xiaomi SU7, both sides have their own advantages in product strength, but Hyper GT global model has more advantages in vehicle quality, production process, production capacity and after-sales service, which can provide consumers with safer and more reassuring protection.

Configuration selection

Entry is high-end.

The Hyper GT global model offers a total of three configuration models, and their differences are mainly reflected in the high-end configuration and smart driving, while the power, range, chassis and regular comfort configuration are all the same, so the entry-level 710 UHV version is attractive enough. It comes with standard Nappa leather seats, 8-way electric adjustment for main driver / 4-way electric waist support, 6-way electric adjustment for co-driver, front seat heating / ventilation / massage, rear seat heating, smart fragrance system, 23 speaker Premium sound, smart atmosphere, front 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging, 19-inch wheels, silver performance calipers and L2 level auxiliary driving system.

On the other hand, the medium-equipped 710 UHV lidar version focuses on improving the level of smart driving on the basis of the entry model, adding a lidar and millimeter wave radar from 3 to 5, the number of cameras from 5 to 11, and ultrasonic radar from 3 to 12, with high-speed NDA and urban NDA navigation assistance. And support 360-degree panoramic visual parking assistance, integrated parking, remote parking and memory parking and other functions. At the same time, it also added Michelin mute tires, CarPlay mobile phone interconnection, car WI-FI and other configurations, the price increased only 2,187 USD, the performance-to-price ratio is super.

As for the top 710 UHV high-end intelligent driving 3L version, which is equipped with 3 lidars, 6 millimeter wave radars, 12 cameras (including an infrared night vision camera), and a surplus level of hardware, consider the hardware requirements five years later in advance to ensure that there is huge room for upgrading in the future. At the same time, 5G network, lifetime unlimited traffic, Hyper orange / turquoise blue performance calipers and other configurations have been added, but the price has increased by 40, , which is not recommended if you are not a crazy intellectual driving enthusiast.

To sum up, the 710 UHV laser radar version with a price of 30,046 USD is the most recommended, with high-level smart driving and ultra-luxury configuration, followed by the 710 UHV smart driving version priced at 27,859 USD, and finally the 710 UHV high-end smart driving 3L version with a price of 35,511 USD.

Write at the end

With the arrival of Hyper GT global models, it will inject new vitality into the medium and large pure electric car market, and provide consumers with more affordable and high-quality car purchase options. At the same time, its arrival will further intensify the competition in the market of medium and large pure electric cars, and have a great impact on the traditional fuel vehicles at the same price, further squeeze their living space, and promote the sustainable development and progress of the automobile market. Indirectly seek more value and concessions for consumers.

In addition, judging from the name of the global model of Hyper GT, it will face the international market and carry out the strategic layout of globalization. Coupled with its high-level intelligent driving system of "No Picture GSM", it has enough strength to compete with Tesla Model 3 on the international stage. This will also help Hyper to establish a brand image around the world, improve brand awareness and reputation, and lay a solid foundation for its future development.

Know more

Hyper became the first brand to be publicized for L3 autopilot pilot.

, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "four departments orderly carry out Intelligent Network car access and Road access pilot". Hyper has become one of the first brands in the country to be publicized by L3 self-driving pilot. 100% has reached 210 requirements for access pilot, successfully passed many rounds of selection and defense, stood out among more than a dozen subjects in the country, and successfully approved the qualification for entry and road access pilot.

The newly launched Hyper GT global model will be used as a platform model for this road pilot, which means that its smart driving level has been professionally recognized. As an advanced intelligent driving model with L3 hardware, Hyper GT marks a new stage of intelligent driving from auxiliary driving to autopilot.

It is worth noting that, compared with the L2 auxiliary driving system, L3 autopilot allows drivers to completely open their hands and look away from the road, no longer need to master the operation and operation of the vehicle at all times. this means that drivers can fully rely on the vehicle's own intelligent driving system under certain conditions, so as to enjoy a more relaxed and convenient travel experience.

More importantly, if a vehicle using L3 self-driving has a traffic accident, the car company will be held responsible, which is an important watershed in the development of self-driving technology. It not only tests the ability of car companies to drive intelligently, but also needs an excellent risk management system and an attitude of being responsible for user safety to the end.