Chery E5 officially debuts with zero acceleration of 7.6 seconds

Recently, the Chery E5, a subsidiary of Chery Motors, was officially unveiled. Although it shares the same name as the early fuel powered E5, the Chery E5, which is a pure electric model, also known as the overseas version of the Oumengda EV, has a more sporty exterior design

New car highlights:

More sporty

The new car's contour is similar to that of the Oumengda, but with slight modifications to the front face design, it adopts a closed grille

Above, the Japanese line and others are connected with black decorative panels to create a penetrating visual effect, The lower left and right sides are split type headlights, with air intakes at the front bumper and a concave front face, giving it a good sense of layering

The new car has a small sliding back design on the side, featuring a dual color body, raised window lines, exterior rearview mirrors, smoked wheel arches, and side skirts, which have a good sense of sportiness. However, this car does not use hidden door handles, but, like the fuel version, it is a regular door handle The rear of the car is equipped with a large-sized spoiler, and the smoked black tail lights, like the front face, are connected with black decorative panels and form a forked structure at both ends. The rear bumper is covered with silver protective plates, which is relatively simple In terms of dimensions, the new car has a length, width, and height of 4424/1830/1588mm, and a wheelbase of 2630mm. The length of the car is slightly larger than that of the fuel version, while the other dimensions remain unchanged

The overall layout of the new car is similar to that of the fuel version, with three spoke multifunctional steering wheel, through dual screen, and through air vents. However, the electronic gear lever of the fuel version has been removed and a shift design has been adopted, making the entire interior look more concise, And it uses soft materials paired with wood grain style decorative panels for wrapping, giving it a good sense of class


In short, the Chery E5 is the pure electric version of the Oumengda model. The difference is that the Oumengda is more oriented towards the overseas market, while the E5 mainly faces the domestic market. Referring to the fuel version's price of 79900 to 109900 yuan, the pure electric model may be around 100000 yuan