Jiyu 001 sister model, priced from 249900 yuan for Jiyue 01

The Geely 01 is officially launched with a price range of 249900 to 339900 yuan. The new car is based on SEA's vast architecture and is on the same platform as the Geely 001. It is positioned as a medium to large pure electric SUV and is equipped with a high-end intelligent driving assistance system jointly developed by Geely and Baidu, with a maximum acceleration of 3.8 seconds.

Round and sporty design

The overall design of the Jiyue 01 leans towards a sporty and rounded style. The front face adopts split type headlights, and the through type lights have a hint of the Galaxy series. The closed front face and air intake are in line with the mainstream design of new energy vehicles. However, the car is not equipped with a LiDAR, and the camera head and ultrasonic radar are also hidden, giving a strong integrated effect.

From the side of the car, the waistline of the new car is low in the front and high in the rear, combined with the smoked black roof, wheel arches, rearview mirrors, etc., the overall sporty atmosphere is strong. It is worth mentioning that the car is not equipped with a door handle, which looks more concise.

The rear part of the car, from below the window, adopts a wide body design, which looks round and full. After the through type tail lights are lit, the recognition is high. Below is a large smoked black lower surround, and the charging port is located above the left rear fender of the body, with electric opening and closing function.

In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width, and height of 4853/1990/1611mm, and a wheelbase of 3000mm. It is positioned as a mid to large SUV and is larger than the Tesla Model Y.

Equipped with a 35.6-inch integrated screen

Entering the car, the overall style of the new car is very simple, with the most prominent feature being the 35.6-inch integrated screen. Apart from this, there are no physical buttons. However, strangely, this large screen is placed in the middle position, and if the driver and passenger need to look, it always leans to one side. I don't know how the actual experience is.

In addition, the new car has removed the traditional steering light control paddles and switched to button control on the steering wheel. There are two ways to shift gears. One is to shift gears on the touch screen of the central control screen, similar to Tesla. The other is to set up a touch shift mode in the central armrest area. In addition, the Geely 01 car is also equipped with 8295 chips, front and rear empty headrests, and rear screens.

Fastest acceleration of 3.8 seconds

In terms of power, the new car offers two versions, single and dual motor, similar to the Polkrypton 001. The single motor version has a maximum power of 200kW, while the dual motor model has a maximum power of 400kW, with a maximum acceleration of 3.8 seconds, close to Model Y (a maximum acceleration of 3.7 seconds).

In terms of endurance, the Jiyue 01 has multiple versions ranging from 550-720km (under CLTC conditions).

In addition, the new car adopts the same pure visual technology solution as Tesla, equipped with 2 NVIDIA Orin chips and a total computing power of 508 TOPS, providing higher level intelligent driving assistance functions.