Geely Panda Mini: Control experience and flexible steering

The Panda Mini should have a high turnover rate when driving on the road. The new car is positioned as a four seater pure electric micro car, with a design that incorporates panda elements and is fashionable and cute; The Panda Mini adopts the current popular compact and square design, with a pair of flashing circular headlights that are also the most eye-catching part of the new car 

On narrow urban streets, the Panda Mini demonstrates its extraordinary turning radius and excellent handling. A small body can easily shuttle on crowded roads, and reverse parking is not a problem, which is also one of its major advantages

The exterior design of the Panda Mini is full of vitality, with simple and lively lines outlining a small and agile image. The unique front face shape and split design of the headlights make the overall appearance more playful and cute, giving people a very youthful feeling. The colorful selection of car body colors adds a lot of brightness to this city elf The interior design of the Panda Mini is also impressive. Although the space is relatively small, the internal space is designed very exquisitely. The layout of the central control screen and dashboard is compact, revealing a modern sense of simplicity. The design of the seats conforms to ergonomics and provides an extraordinary sense of comfort Although the Panda Mini has a compact appearance, its power performance is not ambiguous at all. During the test drive, I deeply felt the flexibility of the 1.5T hybrid dedicated engine. Even a compact body can accelerate quickly and powerfully at the start, with very smooth acceleration The Panda Mini is also surprising in terms of configuration. Although the size of the central control screen and instrument panel is small, their functions are not ambiguous at all. The addition of intelligent driving assistance system, speech recognition and other functions makes this small car technologically equivalent to a large car. At the same time, various connection functions, such as remote control through mobile apps, have provided more convenience for my car use During the test drive, I also gained a deeper understanding of the safety performance of the Panda Mini. The addition of multiple safety airbags, electronic stability systems, and other safety features adds significant points to the safety performance of the car. This makes me feel more at ease when traveling in the city Under the compact appearance of the Panda Mini, it has excellent power performance and advanced technological configuration, making it demonstrate extraordinary competitiveness on urban roads. There may be more and more cars like this in the future, providing drivers with a more unique travel experience