The pre-price of Geely Xingrui L Smart engine is 17,995 USD.

Recently, Geely Xingrui L Zhiqing opened pre-sale, pre-sale price 17,995-20,864 USD yuan, as a new power model, the new car mainly upgraded the appearance and interior, and equipped with 1.5T oil-electric hybrid system, 100 kilometers comprehensive fuel consumption 4.22L.

Equipped with 13.2 inch vertical screen

In the appearance design part, the overall outline of the new car is the same as that of the current model, but the front face is obviously changed, the number of straight waterfall air intake grille is reduced, new silver-gray logo is used, and left and right independent square headlight groups are arranged. In addition, T-shaped decorative pieces are arranged on the left and right sides of the front enclosure, and trapezoidal blackened air inlet decorative pieces are left in the center of the front lip, making the whole more sporty.

There is little change in the side of the car. At the rear part, the new car uses blackened through-type tail lamp group, chrome-plated decorative parts and diffuser device at the bottom of the rear enclosure. The two sides adopt blackened exhaust gas, which is also more sporty.

In the interior part, the overall layout of the new car is close to Galaxy L6, equipped with four-frame flat-bottom steering wheel, 10.2-inch LCD instrument, 13.2-inch vertical layout suspended central control screen, at the same time, the new car also uses the pregnant gear shift mechanism, and the wireless charging panel of 50W mobile phone is added under the central control screen, which looks simple.

Equipped with 1.5T hybrid system

In the power part, the new car uses 1.5T oil-electric hybrid system, matching 3-gear DHT hybrid special gearbox. Among them, the maximum power of 1.5T engine is 120KW and the maximum torque is 255N·m; the maximum power of front single motor is 100KW, 320N·m, zero-hundred acceleration is 7.5 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption under WLTC condition is 4.22L.