Leopard 8 interior spy photos exposed

Recently, we have obtained a set of spy photos of the interior of Formula Leopard Leopard 8 from relevant sources, and the interior material and interior space of the new car will be much better than that of Formula Leopard Leopard 5. The Leopard 8 is officially identified as the "super hybrid hardline flagship SUV". The new car is based on the DMO super hybrid off-road platform, with a 2.0T high-power engine and a Yunqi-P active hydraulic body control system. It is reported that the new car may be priced in the 500000 range in the future and is expected to go on sale in the third quarter.

Judging from the spy photos exposed so far, Leopard 8 continues the interior design style of the Formula Leopard family, such as a flat-bottomed four-spoke steering wheel, a full LCD dashboard and a suspended central control screen. However, the use of materials has been significantly improved, such as the imitation fur material for the A-pillar in the car, and even the suede material on the roof will be standard in the new car. Secondly, the handrails on the roof and the central control handrails are similar to leather packages, and the sense of grade is improved obviously.

In addition, this set of spy photos can also see the space performance of the second row of seats in Leopard 8, which is expected to have ample legroom. It is worth noting that both Leopard 8 and Leopard 5 are based on the DMO super hybrid off-road platform. The biggest difference with Leopard 5 is that Leopard 8 uses a three-row seat layout design, with 6 canvas and 7 seats available.

Secondly, the angle of the second row of seats is expected to support electric adjustment, with reference to the configuration of the high-end version of Leopard 5, the rear row of Leopard 8 believes that it is very likely to be equipped with seat ventilation, heating and other comfort configuration, and the comfort of the rear row is full; at the same time, the looming plate on the side of the passenger seat is the design of the boss's key. when the co-driver is not seated, the boss key is used to adjust the position of the passenger seat to get more rear space.

According to the previous declaration information, the length, width and height of Leopard 8 is 5195max 1994 mm (including roof luggage rack 1905) mm, wheelbase 2920mm, positioning as a large SUV. Plus the flat design of the second row of the floor, so there is no need to worry about the second row of space, while the third row of space is not involved in this spy photo, we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up.

In terms of design, in terms of design, the design of Leopard 8 is inspired by the future universe of the forest, draws inspiration from the solid and omnipotent "starship" delivery system, selects ship hull parts with distinct styles, and combines its tough image with the future extreme craftsmanship of the car to create a "future starship aesthetics" that belongs solely to Leopard 8.

On the other hand, the overall outline of the real car is square and strong, with a sense of strength and technology; the front face adopts a bite-type structure, the docking lock is stable and reliable, and there is an oversized air intake grille called "energy shield", and the front bumper is also integrated with the family elements of super locks.

In the side part, Leopard 8 uses the "starship V-shaped surface", which imitates the effect of metal cutting and brings a good light and shadow effect. The ratio of the body to the window is 3:1, which not only brings a broad field of vision, but also shows a full body and a full sense of strength. The design of occlusal docking is used at the bottom of the side, which most visually shows the accurate docking and locking between the DMO super hybrid off-road platform and the body cockpit.

The planetary ring spare tire cover at the rear belongs to the bright spot design of the rear. Secondly, the taillights of the energy thrusters that resemble starships are lit, and the headlights of "Starship Wings" have a strong recognition.

In terms of configuration, the car offers two tire specifications: 275 + 55 R20 and 275 + 50 R21, as well as panoramic skylights, electric pedals, trailer hooks (optional 2.5-ton trailer qualification), electrical connectors and streaming rearview mirrors.

In terms of power, the new car uses the DMO off-road platform with 2.0T plug-in hybrid system, of which the maximum engine power is 272hp (200kW); the peak power of the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is the front 200kW/ and rear 300kW, and the lithium iron phosphate battery is provided by Zhengzhou Fudi battery. In terms of suspension, the non-load-bearing body of the Formula Leopard Leopard 8 is a double-arm independent suspension and is equipped with three differential locks. Due to the characteristics of the DMO super hybrid off-road platform, the traditional drive shaft is removed and the central differential lock is replaced with an electronic inter-shaft energy lock.