LYNK&CO 03++, starting at 285800 yuan. Would you buy

The LYNK&CO 03++has officially launched two new models, the four-wheel drive version 03+Racing and the front wheel drive version 03+TCR, priced at 285800 to 420300 yuan. The new car is based on the LYNK&CO 03 and focuses on performance and sportiness. The 03+TCR version also supports optional anti roll racks

New car highlights:

Complete performance configuration

On the basis of the Link 03, the new car has made a lot of racetrack design, equipped with exclusive competitive wide body components, and the overall visual experience is extremely impactful. The large smoked black grille has a "350" logo, indicating identity

Among them, the 03+Racing version adds high-performance features such as Akebono four piston brake calipers, fixed 3-segment adjustable carbon fiber tail wings, and BILSTEIN damping adjustable suspension (10 segment adjustable) on top of the 03+performance package version. This indicates that the 03+Racing version places more emphasis on handling performance

The 03+TCR version adopts more lightweight design, replacing the door interior panel material, canceling the rear seats, and replacing it with a more competitive rear anti roll frame, reducing the curb weight of the vehicle by about 150 kilograms, and introducing three adjustable gooseneck carbon fiber tail wings and Michelin CUP2 high-performance tires.

Strong performance

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 2.0T mechanical+turbocharged dual turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 350Ps and a peak torque of 420N · m. The transmission system is matched with an 8AT transmission, and the 03+Racing version is equipped with a four-wheel drive system. Although R is a front wheel drive model, But it is equipped with an E-LSD racing limited slip differential

Summary: The launch of the new car indicates that domestic performance cars have taken another step forward, with powerful power, focused handling performance, and excellent performance configurations, providing new choices for consumers who enjoy driving. However, this price is destined to be only a small part of their hobbies, and it is difficult to bring a significant increase in sales