Xiaopeng X9 officially debuts

The first MPV of Xiaopeng Motors, the Xiaopeng X9, has officially made its debut. The new car is positioned as a medium to large MPV, with a design style that is different from traditional MPV designs and a slightly sloping back design. It is the same design type as the ideal MEGA, aiming to attract young consumer groups.

Personalized Design

The front face of the new car continues the Xiaopeng family style design, with a slender light strip at the edge of the hood. However, the lower split headlights look very ordinary, with a gradient hexagonal design inside the inverted trapezoidal grille. Two LiDARs are installed in the black depression below the headlights, symmetrically distributed.

However, the overall front face line connection is not very smooth, and a protruding shape similar to a shark nose is made below the through type light strip. The headlights are folded to the position of the LiDAR in a "Z" shape, but converge towards the middle, which looks quite awkward, like a combination of Xiaopeng and Chang'an. Although the overall design is full of personality, it is not grand.

From a side view, the new car does not adopt the traditional MPV square design. The roof line tilts downwards from the D-pillar position, and the rear window forms a diagonal angle. At the same time, the A, B, C, and D pillars are all smoked black, forming a floating roof effect, which is even somewhat similar to the daily Blue Bird. In detail, hidden door handles are not absent, and the new car is equipped with a through type light strip at the rear, which echoes the front face.

In terms of body dimensions, the new car has a length, width, and height of 5293/1988/1785mm, and a wheelbase of 3160mm. Except for a slightly shorter height, all other dimensions exceed the Tengshi D9.

Two wheel drive and four-wheel drive options are available

According to the application information, the Xiaopeng X9 will launch two types of power: two wheel drive and four wheel drive. The two wheel drive model is equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 235kW, while the front and rear motors of the four-wheel drive model have a maximum power of 235kW and 135kW, respectively.