BYD Qin L starts delivery, losing electricity, fuel consumption, 2.9L/100km, starting from 13,636 USD

On June 6th, BYD Dynasty's newly listed Qin L (ask the rock bottom price | check the reference) DM-i began to deliver. The new car was officially launched on May 28th, with a total of five equipped models with a price range of 13636-19101 USD yuan. As a brand new model of BYD Dynasty, Qin L DM-i locates an intermediate sedan with the fifth generation DM technology in its first launch and provides 80km and 120km options with comprehensive mileage 2100km with a fuel consumption of only 2.9L hand 100km. It is worth noting that the sales of the Qin family exceeded 1.5 million units.

< span > in addition, Qin L DM-i 's "thousand media mass test" campaign aims to let more multimedia experience the excellent product power of Qin L DM-i through large-scale fuel consumption test and flight test, and tell users in real voice how easy it is to drive, save more fuel, and run more! < / span >

In addition, if the car purchase and invoice is completed before 24:00 on June 30, 2024, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1. Financial courtesy: 0 down payment: down payment, up to 5 years long loan; 0 interest: 50% down payment, 0 interest for 24 periods

two。 Rejuvenation courtesy: replacement subsidy up to 2,05 USD: state subsidy up to 1,367 USD, up to higher than YD subsidy

3. Zhaopin courtesy: free intelligent voice interaction system, free OTA system upgrade, 2 years free cloud service, 2 years free car traffic (5GB/ month), 2 years free E-CALL smart customer service, I-CALL emergency rescue

4. Warranty courtesy: non-operating vehicle three electricity system lifetime warranty (the first car owner), vehicle warranty period of 6 years or 150000 km

5. Charging courtesy: the first car owner can enjoy free charging pile and installation service within 2 years from the date of purchase (120KM Super and 120KM Excellence only)

6. Extended insurance courtesy: you can choose to purchase "1 year / 30,000 km" or "2 years / 60,000 km" original factory extension service.

Bright spot in appearance

Adopt the latest family design

< span > in terms of appearance, BYD Qin L DM-i adopts the latest family design, inheriting the classic Longyan aesthetic shape of Dynasty net, and its front face part of Longyan re-evolves, which is close to the dynasty's flagship model "Han" style, and the design is broad and stylish. The shape of the LED headlight group on both sides is narrow, long and sharp, which is more coordinated with the front grille. coupled with the dot matrix design inside the grille, the visual effect is more fashionable and exquisite, and the advanced sense is further enhanced. < / span >

< span > the side of the car body, Qin L DM-i adopts a slip-back design, showing a "wide body, low-lying" posture. Two simple body main lines outline the trend of Longteng, creating a three-dimensional cutting effect, with 18-inch five-spoke wheels, has a good sports atmosphere. < / span >

In the rear part, the new car adopts through-type taillight design, the internal shape is similar to BYD Han, using the "Chinese knot" element, more recognizable, more advanced. In addition, the slightly warped small tail design is also the finishing touch, adding a little bit of sports flavor to Qin L. It is worth noting that BYD's iconic "Build your dream" English Slogan has been removed and replaced by a new logo of BYD, which has also taken the advice of netizens, indicating that BYD really listened.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of Qin L DM-i is 4830/1900/1495mm, and the wheelbase is 2790mm, which is the standard medium car size, which is one circle larger than Qin PLUS. For comparison, the length, width and height of the current Qin PLUS are 4765/1837/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2718mm.

In terms of appearance and color, Qin L DM-i provides four colors to choose from: tea crystal ash, ice green, embellish jade white and Jianyao purple.

Simple and luxurious interior decoration

Equipped with DiLink intelligent network connection system | DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system

< span > in terms of interior decoration, Qin L DM-i also adopts a new design style, with a more simple layout and more elegant materials, showing a more luxurious and advanced visual effect. Its design inspiration comes from Chinese landscape painting, which combines the dexterity of oriental landscape with modern science and technology to create an elegant "landscape painting cockpit". < / span >

Specifically, the new car is equipped with an 8.8-inch embedded LCD instrument and a 15.6-inch rotatable central control screen, while the new style of three-frame multi-function steering wheel and crystal block handle enhance the sense of grade in the car.

In terms of intelligence, Qin L DM-i is equipped with the latest DiLink intelligent network connection system, which supports intelligent cloud services, full scene digital keys, 3D panoramic transparent chassis system, intelligent voice continuous dialogue, wireless charging of mobile phones and intelligent power-up functions. In the aspect of intelligent driving, it is also equipped with DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, including adaptive cruising, intelligent navigation, lane departure warning, blind area monitoring and so on.

Equipped with the fifth generation DM technology

Power deficit and fuel consumption 2.9km/100km | Integrated battery life 2100km

In terms of power, Qin L DM-i will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of 1.5L four-cylinder engine and motor, equipped with the fifth generation DM technology, in which the thermal efficiency of the engine is as high as 46.06%, and its maximum power is 74 kilowatts. The motor is divided into high and low power, the maximum power is 120kW and 160kW respectively, the transmission system matches the E-CVT stepless gearbox, and the official 0-100km/ acceleration time is 7.5s. The fuel consumption of electricity deficit is 2.9L/100km, creating an era of fuel consumption 2.

In terms of battery life, the new car is equipped with Fudi's lithium iron phosphate blade battery with optional capacity of 10.08 kWh and 15.874 kWh battery pack, corresponding to 80km and 120km respectively. In the case of full fuel and electricity (65 liter fuel tank), the comprehensive mileage is 2100km. In addition, Qin L also supports AC slow charge and DC fast charge (high-end version), as well as a maximum external discharge power of 6 kilowatts to meet the needs of outdoor camping and other scenarios.

In terms of chassis, thanks to the new platform architecture, Qin L uses front McPherson-type and rear E-type four-link independent suspension to better take into account handling performance and comfort.

The fifth generation DM technology:

The fifth generation DM hybrid technology is released. With the help of this technology, the SEAL 06DM-i has as low as 2.9L/100km fuel consumption, 2100km integrated range and 7.5s 100 km acceleration time. The fifth generation DM hybrid technology is upgraded in three dimensions: power architecture, thermal management architecture and electrical and electronic architecture. Among them, the thermal efficiency of 1.5L special-purpose high-efficiency engine goes up to 46.06% of the overall working efficiency of the EHS electric mixing system to 92% (5% higher than that of the previous generation), and the power density is 75.47kW/L (15.5% higher than that of the previous generation). Finally, the energy density of the special blade battery (115Wh/kg) is increased by 15.9%, and the discharge rate is increased by 33%.

It is worth noting that the fifth generation DM technology is equipped with 12V lithium ferric phosphate small battery for the first time, which has a significant improvement in lightweight, self-discharge power and service life compared with traditional lead-acid batteries. Most importantly, it is obviously helpful to environmental protection. At the same time, with the support of this system, the slow charging efficiency of 3.3kW has been improved to 6.6kW; the mainstream fast charging time has been reduced by 36%; and external discharge has also been enhanced from 3.3kW to 6.6kW.

The fifth-generation DM hybrid technology has also been upgraded in thermal management, saving up to 10% in high-temperature energy consumption and 8% in low-temperature energy consumption; in addition, the first domestic plug-in blade direct cooling technology has improved its average temperature performance by 45% and saved energy consumption by 34%. The global second-generation battery pulse self-heating technology is the only full-scene pulse heating, and the heating temperature is increased by 60%. Finally, there is cockpit thermal management technology, including energy-saving 0.13L/100km in high-temperature refrigeration and energy-saving 0.07L/100km in low-temperature heating.