The entire look U8, U9, and U7 car series were unveiled at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Auto Show, and the U8 intelligent experience became the focus of the audience.

On June 1, 2024, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Auto Show and China New Energy Automobile Technology Exhibition with the theme of "facing Science and Technology, facing the Future and facing the Market" kicked off at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan). BYD Group once again participated in the exhibition in the form of "Pavilion", using Pavilion 1 as the brand exclusive hall. As BYD's millionaire high-end new energy vehicle brand, Lookup unveiled at booth 1-02 with Lookup U8 deluxe version and off-road player version, Lookup U9 and Lookup U7 full product matrix. In addition, the pavilion is equipped with a BYD intelligent district, where users can experience unique functions such as Lookup U8 emergency floating and easy Sifang parking during the auto show.

At present, the new energy hardline off-road Lookup U8 deluxe version and off-road player version are available and can be experienced and ordered during the auto show. In the core technology, Lookup U8 is equipped with the independently developed Yi Sifang technology and the world's first new energy off-road vehicle exclusive intelligent hydraulic body control system cloud-P technology, to achieve the full scene, multi-road conditions to adapt to the safety, comfort, performance and other requirements, but the city can be off-road. In addition, U8 also shows industry-leading intelligent technology achievements, is the world's first mass production model with L3 base capacity, with steering, braking, drive, power four major redundancy. Lookup U8 off-road player version is equipped with the industry's first full-scene vehicle satellite communications, far and near infrared night vision system, the world's first deeply integrated vehicle UAV system and other unique configurations and functions. The in-situ U-turn and vehicle-mounted UAV system performed in the pavilion demonstrated the top technology and vehicle intelligence of U8, which was warmly praised by the exhibitors.

In the intelligent district of the outfield of the auto show, users can be invited to experience the Lookup U8 emergency floating function. Technology is valuable and life is priceless. Lookup U8 emergency floating technology is developed to enable vehicles to float like airbags in rainstorm, waterlogging and wild wading situations, so as to provide users with passive security to the maximum extent in an emergency. Lookup always adheres to the principle of "safety is the greatest luxury of electric vehicles", constantly broadens the technological boundaries of new energy vehicles, and practices the original intention of users to create the ultimate safety products. Through the blessing of state-of-the-art technology, Lookup U8, U9 and U7 provide users with all-weather and all-operating conditions, and constantly explore the upper limit of vehicle safety to help users cope with all kinds of extreme road conditions calmly and make daily driving more stable and safer.

On the booth, the million-class pure electric performance supercar Lookup U9 and the million-class new energy flagship car Lookup U7 were also unveiled on the same stage, which was very popular. Based on the two core technologies of easy Sifang and Yunxing-X, together with excellent industry-leading technologies such as body, aerodynamics and intelligence, Lookup U9 jumps out of the performance and experience framework of traditional supercars and brings a user experience that can be raced, accessible and playable. In the technical living room of the Lookup booth, the platform of the Yunxing-X intelligent fully active body control system carried by the Lookup U9 was unveiled synchronously. Lookup U9 also performed the "dance mode" based on Yunxing-X technology on the spot, winning a full house. The simultaneous appearance of Lookup U7 is equipped with an era-leading subversive technology Yi Sifang and revolutionary technology Yunyi-Z, combined with the "Eye of Heaven" high-end intelligent driving assistance system, will provide users with round-the-clock security, bringing the unprecedented extreme experience of a million-class flagship car. U7 also showed its ability to move sideways without changing McNum wheels on the booth, which stunned the audience.

In this auto show, Lookup presents the industry's top technology and vehicle intelligence and rich technological achievements in all directions, and the synchronous display of many extreme products and technologies in the infield and outfield has become the focus of the auto show. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Auto Show is in full swing. Welcome to Hall 1-Lookup booth to find out the ultimate charm of Lookup U8, U9 and U7. At present, Lookup U8 deluxe version, Lookup U8 off-road player version, Lookup U9 are hot sales, welcome to the auto show site to inquire and order.