Formula Leopard 3 declaration drawing exposed, front and rear dual motors exceeded 100 in 4.9 seconds

In the 384th batch of new car catalog of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Formula Leopard's new model Leopard 3 (inquire for reserve price| Check the reference) The production version of the declaration drawing was exposed. The new car is Formula Leopard's first medium-sized pure electric SUV and is expected to sell for starting at 220,. The application information shows that the Leopard 3 is equipped with dual front and rear motors, and the tail sign also revealed that the new car has a 4.9s "breaking hundred" acceleration capability.

The declaration drawing shows that the appearance of the Leopard 3 adopts many design elements of the previously released SUPER 3 concept car. The overall is a cross-border fashion style, which is completely different from the hardcore temperament of the Leopard 5 and Leopard 8. The new car's body lines have many unique designs, and the front and rear kits also have different styles of options to meet the diverse individual needs of young users.

The length, width and height size of the Leopard 3 body are 4605/1900/1720mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2745 mm. The wheel eyebrows and side skirts on the side of the body are equally wild, and the wheel hub style is also very distinctive. Different color calipers and various wheel shapes are also available. The most prominent design at the rear of the car is the "small schoolbag". The shape surrounding the rear is exaggerated, creating a wide body effect and highly recognizable.

The trailer on the declaration chart shows that the new car is a four-wheel drive version, with a 100-kilometer acceleration score of 4.9 seconds. The Leopard 3 is equipped with motors produced by Dongguan Fudi Power Co., Ltd./Nanjing City BYD Automobile Co., Ltd. The maximum powers of the front and rear motors are 110kW and 220kW respectively, matching the lithium iron phosphate batteries produced by Fudi, Xiangyang.