BYD Song L is suspected to be priced from 220000 yuan

Recently, a news about BYD Song L merchants raising car prices was exposed online, with an estimated selling price of 220000 to 280000 yuan. There are a total of 5 configurations, with two configurations available for the 550 kilometer range version: the supercar priced at 220000 yuan and the excellent priced at 240000 yuan. The pure electric supercar priced at 240000 yuan with a 662 kilometer range, and the four-wheel drive version priced at up to 280000 yuan As a hunting SUV, there is still a significant difference between the BYD Song L and the current Dynasty series in terms of grandeur and stability. The new design language looks much younger and personalized, and the elements of coupe and hunting clothes are also in line with the aesthetic of young people today

Moreover, the Song L has a length of nearly 4.9 meters, a wheelbase of 2930mm, and good driving, riding, and storage space. The Song L, built on the BYD e-platform 3.0, offers two versions: rear wheel drive and four-wheel drive. It is equipped with the Yunnian-C system, front double wishbone, and rear five link. The four-wheel drive version has a maximum acceleration of 4.3 seconds, and the driving experience is also an advantage